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College Republicans Condemn Pronoun Mandates at LMU

December 1, 2021
Dylan Martin

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The California College Republicans (CCR) join our chapter at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) and RenewLMU in condemning LMU and University President Timothy Snyder for allowing professors to mandate use of gender pronouns on assignments.

In early November, reports of professors) at Loyola Marymount University mandating students to list their gender pronouns on assignments with threats of grading penalties surfaced, according to Fox News and other sources. LMU, in the weeks since, has done nothing to respond to this report.

RenewLMU, a group of alumni, students, and donors dedicated to restoring LMU's Catholic identity, released a petition on November 29th calling for LMU President, Dr. Timothy Snyder, to "issue a public declaration and establish as official LMU policy that no professor is permitted to force his or her students to disclose their personal pronouns."

Anne Rosen, LMU Alum 1985, wrote the petition, stating in part: "Forcing students to declare their preferred pronouns also violates the service of faith because it signals endorsement of what Pope Francis has called 'gender ideology'... These views have been repeatedly and strongly criticized by Pope Francis... Any university whose mission statement includes the service of faith should protect students of faith from being forced to act against their faith... We ask you to stop your administration's institutional commitment to gender ideology and to renew LMU's institutional commitment to Roman Catholicism."

LMU GOP President, Will Donahue, had this to say in response: "In the wake of protests over President Snyder's allowance of a Planned Parenthood fundraiser on campus, we were not surprised to learn of this new transgression coming to light. LMU can't seem to stay out of the media for even two weeks over their blatant disregard for their Catholic doctrine. The story coming out of the Yoga Department is just another link in a long train of abuses. I urge LMU to think deeply about the kind of school that they would like to be. Do they want to continue to spit on their Catholic heritage and allow this repugnant act to go unnoticed, or will they do the right thing this time and fire Prof. Miller for his abuse of power? Forcing students to write pronouns with the threat of getting marked down is a clear case of shoving Marxist rhetoric down the throats of students and compelling speech. It's tyrannical, and students should leave LMU if this is allowed to become the new normal on our campus; it's only going to get worse."

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