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Transgender Bathrooms at Catholic LMU Expose Woke Admin

February 23, 2022
Stan Alger

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The College Republicans at Loyola Marymount University have alerted California College Republicans to the placement of tampon dispensers within men's bathrooms at the school's University Hall. LMU is a private Catholic institution rooted deep in the Jesuit and Marymount traditions.

Tampons are a common method of absorbing menstrual flow during a woman's period. The FDA-approved medical device is designed to be inserted into female genitalia either with or without an applicator. It is not a product made for biological males.

Such action from LMU continues the school's pattern of appealing to politically progressive trends within the state. In the fall of 2021, the LMU campus hosted a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, an organization that finds itself at odds with the traditional Catholic and, more specifically, Jesuit values so often championed by the school. As Loyola continues in its efforts to become a more politically correct institution, it risks the further degradation of the university's religious and moral identity.

Will Donahue, chairman of the California College Republicans and president of the LMU chapter, described the placement of tampon dispensers in men's restrooms as "tragic."

"It's a testament to how easily willing private schools are to give in to woke societal pressures," said Donahue. "LMU is not a secular school, and to allow for such politically progressive trends to prosper and thrive at this university only further detracts from its core roots," he continued.

Donahue then made the case for private religious schools maintaining traditional values, saying that they "should not compromise their beliefs to accommodate an ever changing and unpredictable culture."

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