of the California College Republicans

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee represents the public face of the organization, sets the vision and runs day-to-day operations, and is elected yearly by the General Membership of CCR.

First Vice Chairwoman
Second Vice Chairman
Third Vice Chairman
Executive Director
National Affairs Director
Internal Affairs & Alumni Director
North Coast Rep.
Central Coast Rep.
Los Angeles Rep.
Central Valley Rep.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors sets the vision of the organization and appoints the members of the Management Team to carry out the vision and day-to-day operations of the organization. Each member of the Board of Directors is elected by the general membership for a 2-year term. The Chairman is directly elected by the general membership to a 4-year term and may only serve once; they chair meetings and have no vote unless there is a case of tie. Former Chairmen hold permanent seats on the Board as ex-officio members and advisors.

Membership Director
Communications Director
Vice Chairman, Permanent Ex-Officio
Advisor, Permanent Ex-Officio

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