Take Back Student Governments

We believe that it is crucial for conservative voices to be represented in all aspects of campus life. CCR is dedicated to empowering conservative and Republican students to take on leadership roles in university student governments. Our campaign focuses on supporting exceptional candidates who embody conservative values and have a strong academic track record. We believe that their representation will elevate the standards of student government leadership and ensure effective advocacy for conservative principles.

Ensuring campus safety is a top priority for us. We advocate for comprehensive measures to combat crime and create a secure environment where students can study and engage in discussions without fear. We also uphold the principles of free speech and pro-liberty values, promoting open dialogue, respectful debate, and the expression of diverse viewpoints on college campuses.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental in our campaign. We encourage increased communication between students and university administrators, aiming to shape inclusive decision-making processes that reflect student input. Our goal is to create an environment where conservative and Republican students can actively contribute to the development and growth of their university.

Through our efforts, we seek to build a thriving campus community that values the contributions of conservative and Republican students. By upholding academic excellence, campus safety, free speech, and transparency, we aim to foster a stronger and intellectually stimulating university environment for all.

Your commitment to conservative leadership and your contribution will directly shape the future of student governments on college campuses. Together, we can secure positions of influence and advocate for policies that reflect our conservative values, creating a campus environment that supports and empowers College Republicans.

To contribute to our campaign and empower conservative leadership, please click the link below to visit our secure donation portal:

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