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The Phony Rebellion of the Left

December 14, 2020
Spencer Lindquist

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​Ever since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, the left has adopted the rhetoric of rebellion and, in the summer leading up to the 2020 election, that of outright revolution. The day after President Trump’s inauguration, liberals filled the streets of DC in the first Women’s March, bearing signs with phrases like “rebellions are built on hope, #resist, fight the power, a woman's place is in the resistance” and the cringe inducing “Dumbledore's Army, Still Recruiting,” comparing President Trump to Voldemort, the evil villain from the Harry Potter series.

While those who drew up these signs may very well have believed what they were writing, the left’s insistence that they are fighting back against the elite serves to obscure the true balance of power in American society. It is, admittedly, a clever trick. Progressives have successfully occupied the centers of social, cultural, and economic power while simultaneously pretending to be the underdog, thus allowing themselves to garner the public sympathy that’d be awarded to a ragtag team of grassroots activists while operating with the connections, censoring capabilities, financial backing, and political capital of a deeply entrenched establishment.

One such example of this phenomenon is San Francisco Pride. While leftist dogma tells us that the LGBT community is oppressed and marginalized, the San Francisco Pride sponsors page tells a radically different story. Among the sponsors of the nation’s largest annual gathering of LGBT people include three major league sports teams, a litany of hotels, multiple car companies, a car insurance company, grocery stores, several banks, a smattering of media outlets, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, PG&E, and a variety of corporations from the health and medical industries. If one didn’t listen to the opinions of overpaid gender studies theorists or pandering politicians, one might conclude that, far from being an oppressed, the LGBT community enjoys a massively disproportionate amount of support from some of the most powerful corporations in America, even when their businesses have seemingly no direct connection to the mission of San Francisco Pride. Regardless, we’re still expected to believe the narrative that the left represents the oppressed while the right fights to preserve the power of the oppressors.

Even more telling, however, was this summer’s astroturfed Black Lives Matter movement, aided by the self avowed communists on antifa. While rioters were busy burning down small businesses, assaulting innocents, berating restaurant goers, and in some cases, killing people outright, a plethora of woke corporations decided to subsidize the chaos. While including a complete list of BLM-supporting companies would be inordinately long, there are some that are worth recognizing. Amazon, Uber, Robinhood, IBM, Microsoft, Target, AirbnB, Cisco, AT&T, American Airlines, Disney, Google, Goldman Sachs, McDonalds, Netflix, Verizon, and Bank of America all voiced their support for the movement, with many also providing financial backing. The corporate support of radical racial agitators didn’t stop there, as mainstream media outlets comically downplayed the chaos and TV channels for children such as Nickelodeon played ads in support of the movement. All this occurred, mind you, as every major league sports team bent the knee, literally and metaphorically, to rioters and looters, making sure to disrespect our flag and national anthem in the process. Viewers should consider themselves lucky that they weren’t subject to promotional ads at halftime with lines like “This burnt down mom-and-pop pizza shop brought to you by the NFL!” or “The decapitation of this Thomas Jefferson statue was made possible by the generous contributions of Disney and Tinder!”

Mob violence itself is bad enough, but what does it say about our society, let alone our political structure, when attacks on small businesses, public shaming rituals, (sometimes lethal) acts of political violence, and the desecration of American monuments are explicitly backed, whether through words or through wealth, by some of our most powerful institutions?

At this point it should be abundantly clear: the left isn’t rebelling against the system. To a large extent, the left is the system. The left is however, locked in a rebellion against America as a nation. Their entire ideology is blatantly hostile to the religion, symbols, history, and distinct culture that define our country and serve as its foundation. Whether they’re attacking the moral fabric of our nation through the public exaltation of transgenderism or tearing down American history under the banner of racial justice, their intentions are clear. The left, along with many of their friends in media, academia, and business, are intent on tearing down our country by first chipping away at our foundations. “Progress” is just a smokescreen. We should ask the critical question, what are we progressing towards, and what powerful interests are taking us there?

​Patriotic Americans must uncover the phony rebellion of the left and continue to expose the real revolt being waged by progressives: a revolt against America’s founding faith and culture.

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