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Undercover College Republicans Infiltrate Pro-Hamas & Pro-Palestine Protests; Find Evidence of Coordinated Efforts

May 2, 2024
CCR Leadership

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California College Republicans (CCR) deployed members to UCLA, UC Irvine, USC, UC Riverside, and Fresno State to engage in undercover investigations yesterday to document ongoing pro-Hamas and pro-Palestine protests taking over the state’s college campuses.

The protests, officially, have been seeking campus divestment from Israel and Israeli allies — but many individuals within the protests have sought to monopolize the movement to demand a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict.

In recent days, protests have resulted in demonstrators setting up encampments, seizing control of buildings, and engaging in violent actions. In response, earlier this week USC canceled its main graduation ceremony. And just today, UCLA announced the cancellation of classes as more than 200 protestors were arrested by police in riot gear. 

The California College Republicans’ Intelligence Committee organized members at campuses across the state to go undercover at these protests on their campuses and document their findings — to report to police as necessary any illegal activity.

Among the findings, CCR discovered that the encampments at UCLA were not sporadic, but were planned and organized — with frequent resupplies and restockings with pallets of food and drink — and with a required sign-up form. The camp was put together by a leftist group calling themselves UC Intifada (Intifada [noun]: an armed uprising of Palestinians against Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip). On the form, the group described themselves as a “collective” against “the Zionist Israeli regime.” The form also asked if prospective campers would “need jail support and/or bail funds” if arrested. (View full form and list of questions here)

And they’re not the only group offering bail. Another organization called Jail Support LA has pledged funds as well, saying “we can help … post bail if necessary.”

But where is that money coming from? Poking into Jail Support LA’s finances, it appears they are raising money on Venmo from a personal account and are not registered with the state — meaning their funding and expenditures are not being disclosed. And UC Intifada has no financial trail either.

CCR Spokesman Martin Bertao said these findings prove the Left is coordinating these attacks on campuses, with little regard to the law.

“Our Intel team has been embedded within the Palestine camps collecting information, cooperating with law enforcement, and now we’re bringing awareness to what’s going on: the Left is deliberately organizing these protests and covering up their backers — this is not random,” said Bertao.

"Where are these protestors getting the money and resources to fund and bring in pallets of food and drink, as well as posting bail — someone or some group is propping up these events," Bertao continued. "It's dark, political, Left-wing money."

CCR Intel members dawned masks, sunglasses, black attire, scarves, and more to blend in to the protests — and made sure to vacate the area before events turned violent.

“These leftist protestors are insane and violent and there’s no telling what they could do, so we were very careful in our undercover work to document what was there and get out ASAP,” Bertao continued.

Bertao is urging the public to contribute to the College Republicans to support more activism and investigatory research. You can donate at

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