Plan Z: The Gen Z Agenda

An 11-Point “Common Sense” Approach to Fixing California

About Plan Z

The California College Republicans have endorsed Gen Z Takeover PAC's "Plan Z" to help fix California. Plan Z details policies and proposals that are “70% plus” issues — or ideas that 70% of Californians can get behind. These proposals offer bold, transformative ideas and solutions to the problems facing Californians — and particularly those of Gen Z.

Plan Z is the vision that guides our organization to endorsements on ballot measures, state and federal candidates, and local offices that do not allow candidates to disclose their party affiliation.

2024 offers a real chance for a wave election to enact these policies and elect common-sense leaders.

The Plan

Demand Clean & Affordable Energy
  • Go Nuclear: We support clean nuclear energy, and believe in keeping the California Diablo Canyon Power Plant open and opening new nuclear plants.
  • Stop Natural Gas and Natural Gas Appliance Bans: We believe that natural gas is a clean and efficient energy source. Appliances that run on natural gas should not be banned and consumers and the market should have freedom of choice.
  • Lower Taxes and Rates for Utilities: We believe in deregulating the California utility sector to allow free market competition, which will reduce rates and improve reliability. Power should also be generated in state and not imported from other states at a higher cost to ratepayers than in-state power. We believe that rates should not be artificially inflated by energy companies to pay fees to the state government that fund programs unrelated to your energy consumption. We believe that utility companies should not add obscure or hidden charges on utility bills, which fund inefficient energy policies.
  • Build More Electric Infrastructure: We believe the free market should be supported in providing more electric vehicle resources and charging stations.
  • End Political Corruption in Setting Utility Rates: The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), which is responsible for increasing utility rates in California — not the energy companies, is currently made up of special interest politicians appointed by the California government. We believe the commission should be reformed and/or made up of energy specialists; it should be independent of the political process to protect ratepayers from political games.
Make Education Affordable
  • Offer Tax Incentives: We believe in offering greater tax breaks and/or tax rebate checks to students and/or families with students in college or a trade school. We believe in encouraging the free market to support education, and support offering tax breaks to businesses who provide student discounts and assistance to accomplish this.
  • Spend State Education Money Wisely: We believe that education is important and should receive proper funding to adequately provide services, but we believe that public universities and other institutions can take advantage of government funding. We support audits of public funding to discover and cut out bloated budgets that fund greedy pensions and salaries, unnecessary programs, and other waste. This money can be returned to taxpayers and provide justification for the state to deny tuition hikes.
  • Freeze Tuition Fee Hikes: We believe that tuition costs have rapidly outpaced inflation over the last several decades, making secondary education unobtainable to many. We support the California government freezing the current tuition rates — or keeping enrollment costs the same for students at public universities — for 10 years. We believe this will help students afford education, help rebalance costs with inflation, and will force universities to budget and spend their income more wisely.
  • Provide Online Degrees at Cheaper Rates: We believe that all public universities should offer online degrees at discounted tuition rates, and that any virtually offered classes should be a reduced fee from normal classes because they do not cost universities the same in terms of resource allocation versus an in-person class. We believe a public university should not be allowed to charge the same rates for unequal services.
  • Reform General Education Requirements: We believe that college general education requirements are outdated and should be optional or replaced with another set of specialized degree-oriented classes. Currently, general education requirements are an extra cost that are not core to the specialized degree students are paying to earn.
  • Invest in Trade Schools: We believe in investing in trade schools to boost enrollment there and decrease university demand.
Demand Job Creation & Wage Growth
  • Hire American: We believe that American citizens should be given preference for jobs in the United States. We support requiring equal wages for Americans and foreign citizens to decentivize hiring non-citizens at a cheaper rate. We support regulating the number of H-1B visa hires for 10 years to allow Americans greater access to specialty jobs at higher wages — such as computer engineering jobs. We support regulating and investigating big businesses and cracking down on attempts to export jobs to other countries.
  • Cut Costly Taxes, Unnecessary Regulations, and Red Tape: We support cutting taxes and regulations on small businesses to encourage them to expand and hire new workers or increase wages. We support repealing the California Private Attorney Generals Act (PAGA) to provide small businesses relief from frivolous lawsuits.
  • Support Real Wage Growth: We propose tax breaks for businesses that increase employee compensation year-over-year by 1% or more above the rate of inflation.
  • Support Job Creation: We support offering tax breaks to businesses that bring jobs to communities with over 30% of the population below the poverty line. We believe in repealing California's AB5 law to encourage independent contractors to return to work in California.
Make Housing Affordable
  • Increase Rate of Building Homes: We support eliminating builder 10-year waiting periods on building new homes to rapidly increase supply in California. Any burdensome or unnecessary red tape and regulations that cause delays in the building process should also be removed. We support repealing California’s SB-9 and 10 laws to allow more single-family zoning and homes to be built.
  • Support Cheaper Rent: With the building of new properties increasing supply of potential rentals, we support free market solutions where an increased supply leads to decreased rental costs in order to attract tenants. We propose offering stepped tax breaks to rental properties with more than 20 units that offer 18-month and 2-year lease initial terms and renewal offers — in order to encourage renter protections from rent increases.
  • Offer Mortgage Rate Breaks for Homebuyers: We support offering and/or increasing government-backed 3-2-1 mortgage rate buydowns for first-time home buyers to temporarily lower interest rates and encourage home ownership. We also support properly educating people using this program that they should know the risks of buying more home than they can afford.
  • Cut Taxes for Homeowners and Buyers: We support repealing the provision of 2020’s Prop 19 that increases property taxes on inherited property. We also propose suspending property taxes for first-time homebuyers for the first 3 years.
  • End Rental Monopolies: We support banning corporations and hedge funds from buying, holding, and using more than 100 residential homes at a time as rental properties in California. The people should be able to own homes and property — not be forced to rent forever because businesses buy up all homes.
Restore Public Safety and Decency
  • Enforce the Law: We support repealing California’s Prop 47 and Prop 57 to allow law enforcement to fully enforce all laws related to loitering, panhandling, theft, indecency, violence, vagrancy and trespassing. We support using law enforcement to force homeless people into treatment programs to fix the root causes of their homelessness. We believe state and local governments and law enforcement should cooperate with federal law enforcement to enforce the law.
  • Decentivize Repeat Offenses: We support reinstituting cash bail requirements and ending other practices that have led the criminal justice system in California to easily release criminals onto the streets, allowing them to easily reoffend.
  • Stop Wasting Money on Failed Homeless Programs: We believe California’s “Housing First” policies are a failure that have led to spending tens of billions of taxpayer dollars only to see homelessness skyrocket in the state. We believe “Housing First” fails because it does nothing to address homelessness at the root issue, which for roughly 75% of chronic homeless is addiction and mental illness. After being corralled into hotel rooms and housing units that cost taxpayers up to $900,000 per unit, the homeless receive no support in combating their mental illness and drug addiction. In fact, any homeless provider that insists on clean and sober living is banned from getting any taxpayer funds for their programs under “Housing First.”
  • Solve the Homeless Crisis at the Root Cause: We support providing transitional housing for the homeless that are not suffering addiction and mental health issues, and that are only economically displaced and need a helping hand to get on their feet again. For those with mental health and addiction issues, we support giving them shelter beds and three meals a day as long as they follow rules for sober and sane living. We support increased substance abuse and mental health counseling programs. We support requiring every homeless person who receives taxpayer help to join a program to perform public service. We support trade school and life-prep programs implemented through foster care programs to offer foster youth a pathway to a high-paying occupation and prevent the possibility of homelessness at the root.
Stop the Tax Hikes & Issue Tax Rebate Checks
  • Issue Tax Rebate Checks: We propose sending everyone with a current car registration at any point from 2018 to present a $5,000 gas tax rebate check.
  • Repeal Taxes and Stop Future Tax Hikes: We support repealing the state gas tax, which is the highest gas tax in the country, because most of the taxes collected are paying for salaries and pensions — not road improvements as promised. We support repealing the state income tax. We believe in banning and/or expanding bans on sales taxes for all baby and toddler care essentials. We believe that Californians are overtaxed, and we support fighting to block future tax hikes; Sacramento has a spending problem, not a revenue problem.
Protect the Environment & Natural Resources
  • Protect the Parks System: We support increasing protections for state and national parks, and adding more land to the parks registry.
  • Increase Water Storage and Processing: We support proper water management practices in California, and oppose dumping our fresh water into the ocean. We support subsidies for and building of water desalination plants.
  • Protect Forests and Stop Fires: We support proper forest and fire management practices.
Demand Cheaper Medical Costs
  • Require Price Transparency: We support requiring that all medication, medical bill, and health insurance prices be clear, transparent, and consistent — and available as a line-item list if applicable. We support ending the insurance gag order on medication prices, where medical providers and pharmacists are currently barred from telling consumers that a medication may be available for a lower price without insurance if a patient mentions they have insurance.
  • Support Free Market Solutions: We support private sector solutions to reduce medical costs, such as small business insurance pools, employment pricing reductions, guaranteed insurability, and medical savings accounts. We believe in encouraging more competition from startup pharmaceutical companies to challenge big pharma.
Fix Public Transit
  • Use Taxpayer Dollars as Intended: We support investment in California’s transportation infrastructure that uses existing state funding for its intended purpose; we are against the California government rerouting taxpayer dollars for uses taxpayers did not approve.
  • Stop Tax Hikes and Public Loans for High-Speed Rail: We support the end of bonds and tax hikes that are being used to pay for high-speed rail and similar programs in California; we believe funding for these projects should come from private investment, as current projects have consistently overspent and abused taxpayer dollars.
Support Mental & Physical Health Services
  • Support Mental Health Services: We support increased access to programs and services for mental health and suicide prevention.
  • Support Physical Education and Health Services: We support standardizing and promoting physical fitness and physical education standards in schools. We support increased research and support for programs to investigate certain foods that may be causing obesity or poor physical health.
Cut Politicians’ Perks
  • Demand Term Limits in Congress: We believe that term limits should be imposed on members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.
  • No Pay Hikes: We believe politicians should not be able to set their own pay. Any pay increases should be voted on by voters in each jurisdiction.
  • No Pensions: We believe that state and local politicians should not receive lavish pensions after leaving office, and should instead receive only social security and a simple 401K, tied to what the average worker in their district receives.
  • No Perks: We believe state and local politicians should be barred from receiving any gifts from lobbyists.
  • Dock Their Pay: We believe that at any time when a portion of the economy goes into lockdown, the government shuts down, or when unemployment exceeds 10%, state and local politicians would lose pay.
  • Require Full Transparency: We believe that state and local politicians should be required to comply with stricter public disclosure requirements on all records they create while working on government business.

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