MOXIE: The CCR News Source

CCR Celebrates 60th Anniversary

January 1, 2023
California College Republicans (CCR) was founded on August 29, 1963, and it continues to provide volunteers and activists that advance the conservative movement on our college campuses and throughout California.

This year marks the diamond 60th anniversary of the California College Republicans! To mark the occasion, the organization is introducing a limited edition diamond anniversary logo and graphics — along with special memorabilia for our members.

Moxie History

​Moxie was originally CCR's print Magazine, which ran from c. 2003-2011. Moxie functioned as both a news source and a yearbook for College Republicans before the social media age. Moxie was very popular in its print days — and even made its way in the hands of prominent political commentator Sean Hannity! Chairmen Emeriti Dylan Martin and Nick Ortiz revived Moxie in 2020 as CCR's news arm.

For more history, visit the About Us page!

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