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CCR Censures Former Chairwoman Turned Democrat Activist Leesa Danzek

October 13, 2022
CCR Leadership

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The California College Republicans have unanimously voted to censure former CCR Chairwoman Leesa Danzek and strip her of the honorary title of "Chairwoman Emeritus" following the discovery that she is now a Democrat activist.

The Horry County Republican Party reported that "Leesa Danzek ... once was an extremely active college Republican ... but became disillusioned with the GOP and now is working ... to help elect Democrats ..." Further, they quoted Leesa as explaining her choice to become a Democrat, saying, "With Donald Trump coming to be the head of the Republican party it was really difficult being a moderate Republican." Leesa further explained that she had been a "fiscally conservative, socially liberal" Republican, and that as chair of the California College Republicans was considered "the darling of the Republican party."

Danzek is the first CCR Chair in over 20 years to flip to the Democrats.

CCR hopes Danzek sees the light and comes back to the Republican Party.

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