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UC Irvine Dems Lead Vulgar "F*** Trump" Voter Registration at Target

February 9, 2022
Stan Alger

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California College Republicans (CCR) was made aware that a member of the College Democrats at UC Irvine was tabling at a local Target store last Sunday, February 6th, using a sign saying "F*** Trump." The purpose of the table was to register new Democrat voters.

Will Donahue, the chairman of the California College Republicans, condemned the Democrat club and pointed out the hypocrisy of the club's mission statement, which claims they "strive to foster intelligent political discussion and critical thinking."

"It's sad to see that the Democrats' best pitch to register new voters is to lazily and unintelligently cuss out a former president, because all they have to run on is 'Trump bad,'" said Donahue.

"They know they can't talk about Biden or their party's successes - because there are none."

Donahue continued to slam the Biden admin, calling his policies a "tremendous, unpopular, laughable failure with the American people.

"The economy is in the tank, inflation is rampant, cost of living is increasing, children are being brainwashed in schools, mandates are being shoved down our throats, and the disasterous Afghanistan withdrawal and move to put Ukraine before our own country are just heinous and anti-American," Donahue explained. "I'd be ashamed to be a Democrat if 'F*** Trump' is all I really had," he concluded.

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