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College Republicans Endorse Carl DeMaio for State Assembly, Bucking Establishment to Embrace Grassroots Vision to Reform California in 2024

December 11, 2023
CCR Leadership

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“It’s time to send a leader to Sacramento that will work to build a movement that will force California politicians to finally fight for CHANGE!” – College Republican Chairman David Chan

The California College Republicans (CCR) have voted unanimously to endorse grassroots conservative leader and chairman of Reform California, Carl DeMaio, for California State Assembly District 75 in the 2024 election — the first official Republican organization to back DeMaio.

David Chan, chairman of the California College Republicans and chairman of the Alameda County Republican Party, says that DeMaio’s run will bring much needed change to California politics.

“Carl is a fighter for the grassroots — for the people — that says what many of us are all thinking: Republican officials and electeds need to stop caving to the Left without any attempt to fight back and offer an actual, bold alternative instead of just complaining,” said Chan.

DeMaio is a former San Diego City Councilman and radio host of the popular drive-time show the DeMaio Report on 600AM KOGO. Since 2003, he has also served as chairman of Reform California, a conservative grassroots political organization that has worked to recruit candidates, champion ballot measures like the 2018 Gas Tax Repeal, and defeat hundreds of state and local tax hikes.

In announcing his campaign for Assembly District 75, currently represented by termed-out Republican Marie Waldron, DeMaio laid out his vision for Reform California’s future as a “movement.” DeMaio and Reform California stated that their goal is to “recruit, endorse and support candidates for state and local offices who will be part of a statewide ‘Reform Caucus’ of elected officials willing to fight aggressively to break the Super-Majority Democrat control in the state” — and that plan starts with DeMaio leading the charge by running for Assembly.

Chan said the College Republicans fully support DeMaio's "Reform California" movement and effort to build a "Reform California Caucus" in Sacramento. This caucus could include electeds like Assembly Minority Leader James Gallagher, Assemblyman Bill Essayli, Assemblywomen Laurie Davies and Kate Sanchez — who have all also been endorsed by CCR — and more.

DeMaio will face off against another Republican in the race, local School Board President Andrew Hayes — who has been endorsed by the local and state Republican Parties. But that was before DeMaio entered the race. And DeMaio’s campaign released polling this morning showing him with a 49% favorability rating in the heavily Republican district — higher than former President Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Hayes’ favorability sat at 5%. DeMaio also beat Hayes in an initial and infomed ballot test by nearly 40% in both cases.

“Frankly, the writing is on the wall that there is no path for Hayes, who is virtually unknown in the district — and we hope that Hayes and the rest of the party will get on board to Reform California,” said Chan, who is not concerned with party blowback for endorsing DeMaio over Hayes.

“Either way, the youth and the next generation are behind Carl DeMaio,” he concluded.

DeMaio and other candidates endorsed by CCR will appear on the College Republicans’ annual voter guide, which will be available closer to the Primary Election at

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