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Historic Amount of College Republicans Run for Office

February 5, 2024

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As Californians prepare to receive and cast their ballots in the 2024 March 5th California Presidential Primary Election, they will see an historic number of young Republican candidates on the list of names running for election. The California College Republicans (CCR) have prioritized recruiting and running their members this cycle for races up and down the ballot — including for Congress against Nancy Pelosi — and these candidates have even received California Republican Party (CAGOP) endorsements in the process.

CCR and Alameda County Republican Party Chairman David Chan says he is “proud to be fully in support of the youth to be at the forefront of the fight to take back our state.”

“CCR has always been a pipeline for the next generation of patriots to step into the Republican Party — however, the current generation of College Republicans are the first to take action not just within the party, but also to successfully and meaningfully run for elected office,” Chan furthered.

Chan himself is also the youngest county Republican Party chairman elected in state history, having taken office at age 20 in January 2023.

CCR members currently running for public and party office include:

  • CAGOP-endorsed Bruce Lou for Congressional District 11 against Nancy Pelosi
  • Utkarsh Jain for Assembly District 14
  • Stephen Sills for Assembly District 52
  • Pano Frousiakis for Huntington Beach Council
  • Jacob Spangler for San Francisco Central Committee
  • Martin Bertao for Alameda Central Committee*
  • Ben Strickland for Monterey County Central Committee
  • David Saryan for Los Angeles Central Committee*
  • Dylan J. Martin for Orange County Central Committee
  • CCR Advisor Paula Prizio for Orange County Central Committee

Martin Bertao and David Saryan have already won their respective races and will officially begin their terms in January 2025.

CCR student members running for office are nearly all from Gen Z — or born in or after the year 1996.

CCR has compiled a voter guide for Californians to use that explains ballot measures, recommends conservative candidates, and supports the younger generation.

CCR Chairman David Chan is asking the public to support CCR by using and sharing the voter guide and by contributing to our efforts to distribute the guide to key target voters. You can view the guide and contribute below.

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