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Democrats Try to Keep Trump and Citizens' Initiatives Off Ballot

December 19, 2023
CCR Leadership

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The California College Republicans (CCR) are appalled by the radical decision made by the Colorado Supreme Court to bar the current front-runner for President, Donald Trump, from the ballot in the state of Colorado. This decision, which grossly misrepresents the intention of the Fourteenth Amendment, is election interference of the highest order and is a continuation of the Democrat Party's attempt to steal the 2024 election from the will of the American people.

The amendment that this ruling is based on was never meant to be interpreted in such a loose manner - as the intention of the insurrection clause was meant to bar officers who participated in the Confederacy, not a sitting President who spoke out against election abnormalities. The former president has also not been tried and convicted of any insurrection in a court of law, so this ruling is an unprecedented reach.

While we are confident that this undemocratic ruling will continue to be fought in court, it is crucial to stand firmly against the Democrat Party's attempt to steal this election in Colorado and at home in California. Here in our own state, California Democrats are currently attempting to bar Trump from the ballot and keep a duly qualified citizens initiative off the ballot: the California Taxpayer Protection Initiaitve - the Democrats are suing to block the initiative because it protects Prop 13 and will make it harder for them to raise our taxes in the future.

These actions are a disgusting assault on the rights of the people - and we cannot sit by quietly.

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