Los Angeles County

The 2024 ballot is REALLY long! With confusing ballot measures and hundreds of candidates running for office, some might feel overwhelmed.

We have researched, vetted, and issued an endorsement on a large amount of statewide races to help make voting easy! These candidates are the best picks that will fight for: lower taxes and cost of living​, safer communities and supporting law enforcement, fixing failing schools and stopping extremist curriculums, solving the homeless and drug crisis by addressing addiction and mental health, and enforcing the law and locking up criminals. These are candidates that will enact Plan Z: The Gen Z Agenda to fix California!

2024 is a prime opportunity for electing these common sense candidates — but we can't do that without your vote and your help. Make sure to share this voter guide with your friends and family. And please consider contributing to support our efforts to get the message out!

Statewide Ballot Measures

Prop 1 – Vote NO

Ballot Title: Authorizes $6.38 Billion in Bonds to Build Mental Health Treatment Facilities; Provides Housing for the Homeless

What it Actually Means: Raids Homeless Treatment Programs to Subsidize Welfare Housing

California’s homelessness crisis will get worse under Prop 1. Prop 1 diverts funds from treatment programs that serve homeless people in favor of giving billions to rich developers for expensive government-subsidized housing projects. Prop 1 also eliminates your right to vote to reject government welfare housing projects in your neighborhood.

Local Ballot Measures

U.S. Congress Races

U.S. Senate

NOT a Democrat

U.S. House of Representatives

District 26: Michael Koslow

District 27: Mike Garcia

District 28: April Verlato

District 29: Benito “Benny” Bernal

District 30: Alex Balekian

District 31: Pedro “Antonio” Casas

District 32: Larry Thompson

District 34: Definitely NOT Jimmy Gomez

District 35: Vijal Suthar

District 36: Melissa Toomin

District 37: Baltazar Fedalizo

District 38: Eric Ching

District 42: John Briscoe

District 43: Steve Williams

District 44: Roger Groh

District 45: Michelle Steel

Statewide Candidate Races

Legislative Candidate Races


Senate District 23: Suzette Martinez-Valladares

Senate District 25: Elizabeth Wong Ahlers

Senate District 27: Lucie Volotsky

Senate District 33: Sharifah Hardie

Senate District 35: James Arlandus Spencer


Assembly District 34: Tom Lackey

Assembly District 39: Paul Andre Marsh

Assembly District 40: Patrick Lee Gipson

Assembly District 41: Michelle Martinez

Assembly District 42: Ted Nordblum

Assembly District 43: Victoria Garcia

Assembly District 44: Tony Rodriguez

Assembly District 46: Tracey Schroeder

Assembly District 48: Dan T Tran

Assembly District 49: Long "David" Liu

Assembly District 51: Shiva Bagheri

Assembly District 52: Stephen Sills

Assembly District 53: Nick Wilson

Assembly District 54: Elaine Alaniz

Assembly District 55: Keith Casico

Assembly District 56: Jessica Martinez

Assembly District 57: YOU ARE DOOMED

Assembly District 61: Alfonso Hernandez

Assembly District 62: Paul Jones

Assembly District 64: Raul Ortiz Jr.

Assembly District 65: YOU ARE DOOMED

Assembly District 66: George Barks

Assembly District 67: Elizabeth "Beth" Culver

Assembly District 69: Joshua Rodriguez

County Candidate Races

District Attorney

NOT a Democrat

Board of Supervisors

District 4: John Cruikshank

District 5: Kathryn Barger

City Candidate Races

School District Races

Special District Races

Republican Central Committee

U.S. President

Republican Nomination

Donald J Trump

Top Campaigns

Support the College Republicans