To Aid the Board of Directors in CCR's Duties

CCR's Standing and Special Committees help carry out the functions of the organization and vision of the Board of Directors. Click on a committee to learn more and get involved!

Credentials Committee

The Membership Director shall serve as Chair of the Committee. It shall maintain rosters, help charter new chapters, and organize materials for Convention.

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee shall consider proposed amendments to these bylaws, as provided in these bylaws. The committee shall have a maximum of 4 members in addition to the chair of the committee.

Press and Publications Committee

The Communications Director shall serve as Chair of the Committee. It shall work to assist the office of the Communications Director as requested.

Fundraising Committee

The Treasurer shall serve as Chair of the Committee. It shall actively fundraise for theorganization and explore new avenues of attaining funding.

Events Committee

The Committee shall plan activism events on campus, run and set up in-person and/or online speakers, and organize Convention as outlined in these Bylaws.

Intelligence Committee

The Committee shall advise the BOD on the organization’s relations with unaffiliated chapters and organizations and initiate interorganizational special projects. The Committee shall also keep records of all joint legislations between the organization and others, deal with external conflict and report on its resolutions.

Internal Affairs Committee

The Internal Affairs Committee reports to the Chairman in all cases unless the Chairman is under impeachment, in which case it shall report to the Vice Chairman. The Internal Affairs Director shall serve as Chair of the Committee. It shall advise the BOD on cases of impeachment and decide on punishments. The Committee shall also keep records signed by Officers, deal with internal conflict and resolve all disputes that are reported. In all matters not involving impeachment the Internal Affairs Committee will have the following responsibilities:

  1. If Officers wish to engage in a workplace relationship, they must declare it with the Internal Affairs or Executive Committee;
  2. To investigate, report, and mediate internal disputes;
  3. To investigate, report, and recommend measures for maltreatment from school administrators;
  4. To handle all disclosures.

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