The election of Will Donahue took place on July 10, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. More info coming soon.


In no particular order:
Will Donahue, Chairman (2021)
Stephen Sills, Vice Chair (2021)
Spencer Lindquist, Chief of Staff (2021-2021)
Alexandra Gill, Chief of Staff (2021- )
Emma Del Real, Secretary (2021)
Dylan Martin, National Committeeman (2021 -); Communications Director (2018 - 2022)
Stan Alger, Communications Director (2022- )
Nicholas Ortiz, Activism Director (2021-2021)
James Barr, Treasurer (2021)
Jacob, Bay Area Vice Chair (2021)
Anthony Mansfield, Internal Affairs Director (2021)
Brandon Clark, Central Valley Vice Chair (2021)
Eli Nelson, San Diego Vice Chair (2021)
Heriberto Mendez, Southern Vice Chair (2021)
Nate Bymel, LA Vice Chair (2021)


Todd Spitzer Fundraiser

Donahue and his administration planned the first known major fundraiser in CCR's history benefitting a candidate. The organization held a "Back the Blue" Dinner in Orange County that raised over $15,000 to assist in District Attorney Todd Spitzer's re-election, which he won, and $10,000 for CCR's own needs. The event was hailed as a massive and fun success by attendees, who enjoyed the event's humor. Being set on April 1st, the College Republicans embraced the day by giving away donuts as pro-cop party favors, hosting a mug-shot photo booth, and more.

Voter Guide

The Donahue, Bymel, and Martin administrations enjoyed success over a 10 month period with their 2022 election voter guide. The endorsements and recommendations in the guide were researched by Martin, Donahue, and other members of the Executive Board — and included advice on judges, ballot measures, and local candidates. The guide received over 25,000 unique views.

Fundraising Record

The Donahue Admin broke Nick Ortizs' Admin's fundraising record, raising nearly $50,000.

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