Nate Bymel was elected Chairman unanimously on June 25, 2022 at the annual convention, hosted at the Excalibur Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Prior to his term as Chairman, Bymel had served as Los Angeles Regional Representative since 2021.



As Chairman, Bymel helped finalize the unification of CCR and the splinter group. He appointed Executive Director and later Chairman Dylan Martin to lead negotiations, which were well-met and fulfilled with David Chan.

Annual Convention

Bymel, Executive Director Dylan Martin, and Assistant Executive Director Mikaela Adams also organized and expanded the CCR annual convention for June 2023 to be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada with multiple additional social opportunities over previous years.

Voter Guide

The Donahue, Bymel, and Martin administrations enjoyed success over a 10 month period with their 2022 election voter guide. The endorsements and recommendations in the guide were researched by Martin, Donahue, and other members of the Executive Board — and included advice on judges, ballot measures, and local candidates. The guide received over 25,000 unique views.

CAGOP Permanent Charter

Martin, Bymel, Donahue, and Chan introduced a new iteration of a bylaw amendment to the CAGOP seeking a permanent charter for the College Republicans. While the amendment was once again rejected, this time the Volunteer Organizations Committee unanimously agreed to support a permanent charter at the Fall 2023 CAGOP convention.

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