Danzek ascended to the chairmanship following the resignation of Chairwoman Ivy Allen, and served from August to October 2017.

Danzek's brief chairmanship was controversial. She was running for election to a full term in October against her eventual successor, Ariana Rowlands, and her and her administration were accused of attempting to rig the vote in her favor. During voting in October, Danzek attempted to shut down dissenters and remove pro-Rowlands delegates, including Rowlands herself, from the chamber. This spurred Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel to step in and enforce that Rowlands was not to be removed from the room, proclaiming "You're not going anywhere, Ariana!"

Ariana Rowlands defeated Danzek in her bid for a full term, in a vote of 88-64.

After leaving the chairmanship, Danzek became a Democrat activist in Horry County, South Carolina. In an interview with the Horry County Democratic Party, Leesa stated that "With Donald Trump coming to be the head of the Republican party it was really difficult being a moderate Republican."

Her switch in party affiliation and activism for Democrats spurred CCR to vote to censure Danzek in October 2022, stripping her of the honorary title "Chairwoman Emeritus."

At the time of her party switch, Danzek was the first chair of CCR in over 20 years to become a Democrat.

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