Dylan Martin was appointed as Chairman of CCR unanimously by the Board of Directors on September 17, 2022. While Martin held the shortest-known term of any CCR Chairman, he at various points served as Acting-Chairman of the organization under Chairmen Ortiz and Bymel — and while he was not formally Chairman after September 2022, Martin served as Acting-Chairman until February 2023.

Prior to his term as Chairman and Acting-Chairman, Martin held the offices of Communications Director and later Executive Director since 2018.

Martin was a controversial Chairman of CCR for those outside of the organization; whereas members generally approved of Martin in leadership, outside actors criticized Martin for having graduated prior to becoming Chairman. Martin and the organization's bylaws justified the action as that members of the College Republican Alumni Association, then the Alumni Committee, could become Chairman with the express approval of membership.



As Chairman, Martin helped finalize the unification of CCR and the California Federation of College Republicans (CFCR) through his negotiations with CFCR Chairman David Chan.

Annual Convention

Martin and Acting-Executive Director Mikaela Adams also organized and expanded the CCR annual convention for June 2023 to be held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada with multiple additional social opportunities over previous years.

College Republican Alumni Association

Martin and the Executive Board green-lit the transition from CCR's previous "Alumni Committee" into the "College Republican Alumni Association" and launched a committee to put together a plan for a comprehensive updated structure to alumni engagement and donor network.


Martin approved multiple upgrades and updates to the CCR website, which created a clearer donation funnel and was easier to use — and also saved the organization money over the previous system. The website updates also prioritized a structure reflecting the latest news from the organization. The updates were not officially launched, however, until Martin had already left office in April 2023.

Voter Guide

The Donahue, Bymel, and Martin administrations enjoyed success over a 10 month period with their 2022 election voter guide. The endorsements and recommendations in the guide were researched by Martin, Donahue, and other members of the Executive Board — and included advice on judges, ballot measures, and local candidates. The guide received over 25,000 unique views.

CAGOP Permanent Charter

Martin, Bymel, Donahue, and Chan introduced a new iteration of a bylaw amendment to the CAGOP seeking a permanent charter for the College Republicans. While the amendment was once again rejected, this time the Volunteer Organizations Committee unanimously agreed to support a permanent charter at the Fall 2023 CAGOP convention.

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