The election of David Chan took place on February 18, 2023 via online conference, per the terms of CCR's unification agreement with the splinter group that had formed under the Rowlands Admin. From February till June 2023, Chan prioritized chapter outreach and easing tensions of unity by hyping up CCR's annual convention, held in 2023 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas from June 24-26.

Chan, who served concurrently as the Chairman of the Alameda County Republican Party, was re-elected unanimously on June 25th, cementing CCR's unification. Corrin Rankin, Vice Chairwoman of the California Republican Party, who attended convention as a featured speaker, commented that she was “honored to witness the unity.”

During his two terms, Chan preferred to prioritize fundraising and public relations, while leaving member relations to other officers. Focusing his efforts proved successful, helping the organization set a new fundraising record.

Chan also led the charge for CCR to embrace a grassroots vision to reform the Republican Party, endorsing grassroots leader of Reform California Carl DeMaio for Assembly and endorsing Gen Z Takeover PAC's 11-point plan to save California.

Chan successfully continued CCR's yearly tradition of hosting it's annual convention in Las Vegas, setting the convention at the Luxor on June 21-23, 2024.


In no particular order:
David Chan, Chairman (2023-2024)
Mark Basta, Vice Chair (2023-2024)
Dylan Martin, Executive Director (2023-2024)
Emma Del Real, Secretary (2021-2024)
Mackenzie Hoie, Communications Director (2023-2024)
John Gaita, Activism Director, Southern Region Rep (2023-2024)
Keegan Bess, Treasurer (2022-2024)
Ahmed AlBadrani, Bay Area Vice Chair (2023-2024)
Anthony Mansfield, Internal Affairs Director (2021-2024)
Chris Wilson, Central Valley Vice Chair (2023)
Hadi, Central Valley Vice Chair (2024)
Amanda Mohr, North Coast Vice Chair (2022-2024)
Brice Lang, LA Vice Chair (2023-2024)
Gigi Mudwilder,
San Diego Vice Chair (2023-2024)Sean Senn, Central Coast Vice Chair (2022-2024)
William Thompson, National Committeeman (2023-2024)
Audrey Riesbeck
, Acting Membership Director (2023-2024)
, Assistant Communications Director (2024)


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